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Binary Options StrategiesBinary options trading strategies that are applied in binary trading may be divided in two groups. The first category of binary options strategies involves starting trading with low risking and a big capital while the second one presupposes using a small initial investment and, therefore, imposing high risks. There are two extreme ways to go. In the first case, if a big sum like $50.000 is initially invested, a trader can sustain a lot of small trades, which can regularly bring some small profits. In the second case, you can start with a capital of $300 - $400 and risk the whole sum on trading.

 The usage of neither of these methods is recommended to you. Thus, making small risk investments is a time wasting process, which typically results in law-profit outcomes of binary options trading. In the opposite case, the trading with big sums may be too risky. Thus, if $600 is won on the $400 capital and $600 are then turned in $930, one is in danger of losing everything in one go. In fact, according to statistics, making that many profitable investments in a row is impossible. 

The decision about turning binary options trading into a main occupation may be compared to the decision about becoming an entrepreneur. In this case, you have to take a full notice of the idea that all of your actions are coordinated by you, thereby you impose a huge responsibility on yourself. The system works unbelievably simple: your bad decisions result in failures and deprive you of money. Thus, if having a standard employment means being sure that you will receive your salary in the end of the month, being a full-time binary trader means being constantly chased by uncertainty concerning your income. 

Since there is too much risk involved, we recommend to treat binary options trading as an additional source of income and not as a replacement of the main one. 

In the same time, there are always many professionals, who can manage to make money for living from binary options on regular basis, without the need to have an employment. 

We've created this website in order to give you an idea about the proper approach to binary options trading. We believe that trading based on binary options strategies is the most reasonable and profitable way.

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